We found everything to be clean and homey in the space. It’s a nice size (except for the kitchen) and we found everything we needed during our stay. The bathrooms are top notch, decorated with rustic style, but very modern at the same time. While similar, the kitchen has very little preparation space and could really do with about a 3’x4′ island to round it out. The frig was cold. The single cup coffee maker was perfect. Sleep number beds were comfortable. Bedding and towels were clean and new. Soap, shampoo and conditioner were great. TV channel options were plentiful. Balcony is very nice, looking out over the squirrel infested creek with water flowing in the background. The view does include neighbors, but it was nice overall. The grounds are well kept. The location is indeed very close to the Blue Hole park and its many trails and a short walk to the town square. The one thing that we didn’t care for was the fact this is basically a loft over the owner’s primary home. For one, it was a surprise to us upon arriving. We didn’t read enough into the description (or maybe it could be more informative) and didn’t expect other people on the property. When you are getting away for peace and quiet, that’s kind of important. And as it turns out the house is all hard wood with very little sound absorption, so you get to live their daily life and be wary of the noise you are making during the stay. The spaces are entirely separated and you never need to interact, but it is a bit like having an apt neighbor who is also your landlord 🙂 We are also not the type of people who can make our selves at home on someone’s property right in front of them. Seems disrespectful even beyond any privacy or covid concerns. They were nice people, but they were still people. As long as you expect that going in, The Wimberly House is a great experience. Very clean with a nice balcony. I’m sure we will visit again.