Why stay at a hotel when you have Fall Creek an option

What I can share is that we had a lovely time, staying at Fall Creek is 10 times better than staying in a hotel or B&B in the area. Just no comparison when it comes down to it. It was only made better yet by the staff who was on premises. They were wonderful and more than accomidating. Now I will admit at first I was a bit weary; a place that has two bedrooms (even though I only needed one), nice kitchen and living area, that included a Free wine tasting, and the price was around the same price as you local hotel?! Heck it sounds too good to be true. I am just glad to have taken the risk as it was a amazing place when all is said and done. Now I did read one review on the place not being clean so admittedly I was suspect myself. But I am glad to report the place was spotless and extreemly clean. About the local area. While you don’t really have a place nearby for breakfast, you do have Salt Lick right across the street for lunch and/or dinner. While I had no idea how popular a BBQ place it was, I found out pretty darn quickly as people flocked from all over touting it was the best BBQ place around. What we did one evening is we simply got some Salt Lick BBQ to go to avoid the crazyness and went back to the vineyard, got ourselve a lovely bottle of one of their exTerra wines and have a pretty amazing dinner at the vineyard back by the pond/pool. Heck, don’t people pay extra for experiances like that? And not being from TX I will again admit I didn’t have too high a hope for a good wine, but again Fall Creek came through, and had over come any doubts I may have had. As for breakfast, go to Wimberley. It’s about 13 miles, but well worth the drive. It’s a small western town where you can find a great place for breakfast and it has plenty of small shops and the famous “blue hole”. So if you are looking for a lovely place to say while in the area I would highly recommend you check at Fall Creek Vineyard for your stay.