Fischer – A Destination of Pure Hill Country Magic

Fischer, Texas is not an excursion, but a destination in its own right. Found along the winding back country roads of Comal County, Fischer incorporates the best of the Hill Country – a nice drive, stunning views, fresh air, and old country stores and bars. Along FM 181 (FM stands for Farm to Market), the old Fischer Store is where you can stop for a snack. It was once the post office, a bank, and a saloon- though not all at once!  Fischer Hall is the place where townspeople gather for weekly dances in the summertime and is a popular venue for social gatherings.  Right around the corner is the Fischer Bowling Club where an old German form of bowling called nine-pin is played.  Outside of Europe, Texas is the only place it’s enjoyed. This is most certainly a nod to the rich German heritage found in and around the Hill Country.

Heading in an easterly direction, FM 181 turns into Ranch Road 12.  It is here that you will find the Devil’s Backbone. A winding road with killer views, this stretch of road is a popular place to take bluebonnet pictures in the spring, and take in its great expanse at the roadside park year around.  Here you will also find one of Comal County’s oldest bars called Devil’s Backbone Tavern. The old-timers say this little stone bar built in the 1930’s is haunted along with the acres of surrounding ranchland. At night it is said you can hear the hooves of at least fifty horses galloping along the side of the highway and the ghosts of Comanche Indians running through the hills. So, take a drive through the hills of Fischer. It’s not just one place, but a collection of memories to last a lifetime.

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