Easy Answers to Common Questions For a Fantastic Visit

Visiting the Texas Hill Country should be a fun, memorable and relaxing experience. We’ve included our most commonly asked questions to help you before, during and after your stay with us.

A 30-day notice is required for cancellation. Reservations canceled 31 days or more prior to arrival date are fully refundable minus a $50 service fee. Reservations canceled 30 days or less are non-refundable.* This loss can be avoided if CSA/Generali Travel Insurance was purchased and the reason for cancellation is covered under the travel insurance policy. 

HCPL does not require you to purchase Travel Insurance but highly recommends it. The insurance premium is 6.95% of the total booking cost and is non-refundable and non-transferable.

*The standard cancellation policy may be superseded by the cancellation policies utilized by certain OTAs, such as Airbnb, Vrbo, etc., if the reservation was booked through one of these partners.

We require 50% of the reservation balance at the time of your booking. Your remaining balance will be automatically charged to your credit card 30 days prior to your arrival date.

Only registered guests and pets are permitted on the property at any time. Excessive numbers of guests can damage property and cause problems with septic tanks. City permitting also limits the number of guests allowed at a property and municipal fines may be incurred as well if you are found in violation. If you have any guests or pets at the property at any time that exceeds the registered number, without prior authorization from our staff, you will  be asked to leave in which case there will be no refund for the time remaining on your reservation.

Provided your Rental Agreement has been received and there is not an outstanding balance on your reservation, an email will be sent to you the day before your scheduled arrival that includes all the information you will need to check in. Any access codes and a map link to directions as well as Wifi information will be included if applicable. These emails typically are sent around 3:00 p.m. so please do reach out if you don’t have yours by that time.

Check in is any time after 4 pm.

Check out is promptly at 10 am.

If your estimated arrival time is before 4:00 pm please plan to stop on the way at the shops or sights to delay your arrival until 4 pm. Housekeepers usually “turn around” several houses per day and work on very tight schedules so we are unable to guarantee early check ins. In the event that a property is ready ahead of schedule and available for you to get in early, we typically can accommodate this but please be aware there is a $50.00 per hour fee for each hour prior to normal check in time. The same applies for late departures. The housekeepers need their full time allotted to get the property ready and prepared for the next guests. But in the event your property has not been scheduled for cleaning right away, we will extend the check out with the understanding there is a $50.00 per hour fee for each hour past normal check out time.

No. Our occupancy limits are strict. This keeps our properties nice and our neighbors, owners, and homeowners associations happy. But more importantly, in the hill country we run off of septic systems. The maximum capacity number we apply to each property is based on the amount of guests the septic system can handle. We do not want you to have a “messy” vacation.

There are several reasons we require a rental agreement before we allow access to the property you have rented. First, we want to confirm that what you believe you have rented is in fact what we show in our system. This is why the information is not pre-populated for you.  Secondly, it ensures that all guests understand the house rules prior to arrival and avoid any unnecessary charges or uncomfortable encounters that may affect your enjoyment of the property.

If a vacation rental is pet friendly, it will clearly state so on the listing. There is a standard pet fee assessed to all of our rentals, $25.00 per pet per night. If the property says no pets, exceptions cannot be made regardless of how well behaved your furry friend is. We would hate to ruin someone’s vacation by having their pet allergies flair up during their stay at what they were told is a non pet friendly rental. We are happy to help you find a great kennel near your destination if you desire.

The Texas Hill Country is a popular destination for many reasons! If you need some inspiration for activities to check out we recommend looking in our Destination Guide.

Smoking inside a property is cause for eviction and a $500.00 fine. Smoking outside the property is permitted in most cases, but please do so cautiously and responsibly. Please dispose of all cigarette butts and clean ashtrays. There are some properties with very strict no smoking inside or out policies, so please note any disclaimers on the online listing if this is of importance to you.

All of our vacation homes have sheets for every bed and sofa bed, bath, hand and face towels, and kitchen linens. You will need to bring your own beach towels for swimming pool, hot tub, or river front properties in most cases.

Some of our properties have internet and some do not, it is strictly up to the home owner’s discretion. Please look carefully at the list of amenities for your property on our webpage and if the property does have internet or wireless access it will be specifically listed on the amenities list. If you do not see it specifically listed under amenities, then your property will NOT have internet or wireless access. Because of the nature of the internet connections in the Hill Country (usually satellite) we cannot guarantee connectivity during your stay.

We only accept one credit card per reservation. 

All of our prices are based on demand similar to airline tickets or hotel rooms as well as the number of guests that will be visiting. Some dates are more popular for visitors than others and the prices will reflect that. Please be sure to include an accurate guest count for an accurate quote. A previous quote is not a guarantee of the price. Please ask for an updated quote when you are ready to finalize your reservation in order to prevent pricing confusion.

All of our properties are rented on a “first come, first served” basis and to be fair to all of our guests, we cannot hold dates. Our reservation program accepts online bookings in real-time and we accept all major credit cards in order to make the process as quick and easy as possible.

All properties feature contactless self-check in. The majority of our properties are fairly remote and can be a challenge to locate after dark so we do recommend planning to arrive during daylight if at all possible. Our office is open until 8:00 p.m. on weekdays and 7:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays and can offer assistance if needed. If you are going to be arriving after these business hours assistance will be limited.

No. There are several properties that appear to have a hot tub in the photos but do not actually have the capability to heat. Please read over the amenities list on the webpage for your property very carefully. If it does not specifically state “hot tub” then your property does not have a hot tub. We do not want you to be disappointed upon arrival so if you aren’t sure about your property, please ask one of our friendly associates and we can give you a definite answer.

That depends on which vacation rental you choose. If there is a washer and dryer for guest use, it will be clearly stated on the amenities list of the webpage for your property.