Fall In The Hill Country

Fall Festivals In the Hill Country

Young Cowpoke Riding a Pumpkin

Fall in the Hill Country is a fantastic time. With events ranging from harvest festivals to artist showings, you’ll have a blast! For example, you can explore fantastic food offerings, artists’ displays, a family-friendly fall color tractor ride and so much more.  Even with social distancing practices in place, family fun is just off the beaten path!

Just like other parts of the country, the color changes will take your breathe away. Before you visit, you’ll want to plan ahead to have an amazing time. Many festivals have updated their schedules and provided additional information on their website. Additionally, you will want to plan which festivals and events you want to attend. With more than 50 events spread over 20 towns and cities, a few details ahead of time will help provide a perfect trip for everyone.

Happy school girl sitting between pumpkins at local farmer market in sunny autumn day.

Pumpkin Fest!

For younger folks and families, you must check out the Texas Pumpkin Fest! About an hour north of Austin, you can experience the full fall in the Hill Country experience. When you arrive, you’ll find a pumpkin patch, hay maze and food for everyone! When you arrive, parking will be free. Additionally, an admission fee of just $5 during the week and a very precise $13 on weekends gives your family hours of fun and excitement.

Fall Night Skies

Stars in the Hill Country

Photo by Jason Weingart

There are 6 certified Dark Sky Communities in the Texas Hill Country :

What this means is you can experience exceptional views of the cosmos without light pollution. As a result, you can look up and see thousands of light years into the past while enjoying time with your special someone. Additionally, October 2020 will be the first annual Night Sky Month! This is a fantastic way to round off a day exploring the colors, tastes and smells of the Hill Country!

Where To Stay

An extremely important element to remember will be your accommodations. After all, exploring the Hill Country can wear you out. Be sure to recharge each night in an extremely comfortable spot. Whether you have a party of 10 or just the 2 of you, you’ll find everything you need at HCPL!