Gateway to the Hill Country

Dripping Springs – Gateway to the Hill Country

A 50 foot waterfall carved a beautiful grotto style swimming hole from the Texas limestone.

Photo by Jaco Botha

Wimberley is a Little Bit of Heaven, Blanco is The Heart and Hub of the Hill Country, but Dripping Springs is the Gateway to the Hill Country.

The Gateway to the Hill Country is the perfect place to tie the knot. Officially the “Wedding Capital of Texas” is a great destination wedding spot for you and your guests. Just 30 minutes west of Austin, TX and an hour and a half north of San Antonio, Dripping Springs is also the perfect launch point to explore the Texas Hill Country.

The first settlers to the area began to arrive around 1849. Not long after, more families began farming the land along Barton and Onion Creeks. In 1857, an official Post Office opened in Dripping Springs. The nickname ‘Gateway to the Hill County’ extends far back in the 1880’s. Dripping Springs was located on a key trade road between Austin and Fredricksburg.

But a convenient location isn’t enough – Dripping Springs offers unique and beautiful attractions for everyone in your family. The area hosts some of the most scenic and inspiring backdrops in the Hill Country. With this popularity, key attractions often require reservations. As a result, a little planning will make a huge difference. The area hosts many spectacular water features, restaurants and world famous vineyards, distilleries and breweries.

More couples tie the knot in this part of the Hill Country than anywhere else. Hosting nearly as many weddings per year as there are permanent residents, Dripping Springs is recognized as the official Wedding Capital of Texas!

If you are looking to do something special in Texas, chances are – Dripping Springs can be your Gateway to the Hill Country!

Wedding Capital of Texas

Texas Longhorn Wedding Rings

Texas Longhorn Wedding Rings

Texas A&M Engagement

Texas A&M Engagement

Officially recognized by the Texas legislature, Dripping Springs is the Wedding Capital of Texas. With more than 35 venues within a 15 mile radius, the perfect spot for you to tie the knot is nearby.

Merriam-Webster define as wedding as ‘a marriage ceremony usually with its accompanying festivities’. But just having lots of places for your wedding isn’t enough.

Consider these options:







The best solution – work with folks that host more than 3,500 weddings each year! You read that right – almost 100 per day. Volume isn’t about churning out cookie-cutter weddings, but rather demonstrating solutions to the six key items listed above. The key to all of this – plan at least a year in advance. After all – you want your special day to be special!

After Tying the Knot

Hamilton Pool Reserve

Hamilton Pool Reserve

The Gateway to the Hill Country has some of the most scenic views and activities in the entire region. Pictured above, right – Hamilton Pool Reserve is the star attraction. Carved from limestone over thousands of years, this swimming hole is one of the finest in the state. A 45 foot waterfall culminates in a grotto style swimming hole.

Two things are certain:

Reservations are required

You will never forget the experience

Pedernales Falls

Looking for more water features? Pedernales Falls State Park provides visitors with amazing views, family fun and a great way to cool off! Camping, fishing, swimming, canoeing, bird watching and many more activities are available here.

If you need to relax after a busy wedding event – look no further!

Historic Mercer Street

Historic Mercer StreetMercer Street or ‘Old Fitzhugh Road’ runs directly through downtown Dripping Springs. Visitors can experience designs and architecture of many of the buildings, with several dating back to the mid 1800’s!

Today, many local businesses occupy these buildings and offer a variety of shopping opportunities. In fact, many buildings remain unchanged even to this day.

Mercer Street has what you’re looking for. There are several boutiques, quick bites to eat or even a cold beer at the ‘Barber Shop’. Whether it’s shopping at one of the quaint boutiques, grabbing a beer at the well-known “Barber Shop“, you’ll have a great time finding the perfect item.

Slowly Sipping the Hill Country

There are no less than 34 local olive oil rooms, wineries, distilleries, breweries and tasting rooms in Dripping Springs. Vodka, gin, rye, bourbon, countless varieties of wine and beer all call Dripping Springs home.

With so many options – you’ll need proper planning. There are several well know brands distilled and bottled in the area including Deep Eddy, Dripping Springs Vodka, Revolution Spirits, Driftwood Estate Winery, Fall Creek Vineyards, Duchman Family Winery, Barber Shop, Suds Monkey and the very popular Texas Hill Country Olive Co and Wine Tasting Tasting Rooms.

Take your time and enjoy the finest spirits and olive oils in Texas!

Deep Eddy Vodka

Revolution Spirits

Driftwood Estate Winery

Duchman Family Winery

Fall Creek Vineyards

Fall Creek Vineyards

Suds Monkey Brewery and Bar                                       Barber Shop

Texas Hill Country Olive Oil and Wine Tasting Room

Texas Hill Country Olive Oil and Wine Tasting Room

Places to Stay

As the Gateway to the Hill Country and the Official Wedding Capital of Texas, Dripping Springs will make your next visit memorable. This Hill Country Destination may be small, but has a heart the size of Texas! Finding a place to stay can be challenging, especially with a large wedding party. Partnering with a premier lodging and destination company will absolutely make for a great experience. Word of advice – engage with a lodging company early to ensure all your guests remember your wedding ceremony, not the logistics of the wedding!