More Texas Hill Country Destinations

Texas Hill Country Destinations (Part 3)

Texas Hill Country destinations continue to offer so many options to visit. We visited Wimberley, Blanco, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Canyon Lake, Spring Branch, Dripping Springs and Driftwood already.

We round out our eastern Texas Hill Country destinations trek through Austin, Fischer, Johnson City and Manchaca. These four cities in the Texas Hill Country support an eclectic mix of food, art, music, culture and attractions. As the Hill Country enters spring and summer, finding a Hill Country cabin or other Texas Hill Country lodging can be challenging.

A great way to reduce stress for your trip is to partner with a premier vacation rental company in the Hill Country. They know the areas and can recommend finding a centralized home or cabin as a starting point.

Map of Texas Hill Country


Austin, TX

One of the jewels of any Texas Hill Country destination trip must include Texas’ state capital. Austin is as diverse as a city can be. The cities motto ‘Keep Austin Weird‘ sums it up. No where else can you find the best BBQ, diverse music, world-famous  street performers, Formula 1 and MotoGP racing and much, much more!

Each night in warm weather, witness millions of bats head out for the night along the Congress Bridge. Fortunately, the endless supply of mosquitoes keep their tummies full. As an added feature, their hard work help to keep mosquito populations in check.

Haunted Limo Tours

Legendary Sixth Street provides countless venues for up-and-coming musicians and well known artists. Did we say 6th Street has more bars than anywhere else in the United States?

Looking for a unique tour of Austin? Try the legendary Austin Haunted Hearse Limo ride. You read this right – you’ll cruise around Austin in a converted hearse and visit some of the most haunted places in the Texas Hill Country. Booking in advance is strongly recommended!

Finally, Austin is the capital of the great State of Texas. Squarely planted in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, tours of the pink granite building and surroundings will help explain why Texas views itself differently.

FischerFischer, TX

Another fabulous Texas Hill Country Destination is Fischer, TX. City planners purposely kept the town’s spirit as it was in the late 1890’s and turn of the 20th century. Boasting no fast food chains, convenience stores or other modern centers, the charm of Fischer lives in its history.

A perfect example must include the historic 9 pin bowling alley next to Fischer Hall. Described as one of the oldest, continuously operating bowling alleys in Texas, this family-oriented spot promises to build memories.

The Fischer Dance Hall secured its place in history in the Willie Nelson movie ‘Honeysuckle Rose‘. The interior still shows the original woodwork when it was built in the last 1890’s. The same family that built the hall still operates it to this day.

Johnson City

Johnson City, TXMany folks think Johnson City, TX was named for Lyndon Baines Johnson, our 37th President. However, President Johnson did call Johnson city home!

The Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Park is a family oriented way to see how humble roots built the strength and character of one of the most influential Presidents of our time. We all know how much President Johnson loved his home town, but experience artifacts he played with and used as a young boy and young adult. Every car enthusiast will appreciate his collection, especially the famed light blue Amphicar!Whittington's Jerky

Why not stop in for some of the best jerky in the world! Whittington’s Jerky offers a diverse selection of meats including beef, turkey, pork and other choices. They also have items you can only find in a family run general store. Stop in and find some unique Texas Hill Country treats!

Finally, Pedernales Falls State Park is a great way to unwind. Here, the Pedernales River’s crystal blue waters ‘fall’ down the limestone rocks into calm pools. Soak up the sun and build family memories!


Manchaca, TXManchaca (pronounced ‘Man-shack’) is located about 10 miles southwest of Austin, TX. As a result, Manchaca is one of many Texas Hill Country destinations which can be used as a central hub for your stay. Although the resident population may be small, folks are welcoming and spread Texas hospitality thick.

One favorite attraction is the Lady Bird Lake hike and bike trail. Named for Lady Bird Johnson and just 8 miles away, this nature reserve offers pristine walking and bike trails as well as other water activities. Strict enforcement of no motorized vehicles keeps the serenity in check while offering some of the best scenery and wildlife in the Texas Hill Country.

After enjoying Lady Bird Lake, why not visit the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center! What many folks saw as weeds, others saw natural beauty. Fair warning – these are flowers and plants in their natural surroundings, so be sure to take some allergy medicine before visiting.

At this point, it’s time for a pint! Two Wheel Brewing offers tasty beers to quench your thirst. Go ahead – you earned it!Two Wheel Brewing