Take A Day Trip Back In Time

cabin rentals in texasWhen thinking of Texas, there always seems to be that visualization of Cowboys riding in on their horses dressed in rugged dusters, chaps, and spurs. Though residents of Texas do not tend to sport these fashions anymore, there is one place still dubbed the Cowboy Capital of the World. Bandera, Texas in the Texas Hill Country is known for capturing that historical piece of Texas’s background and bringing it to life every Saturday for the Cowboys on Main project. When you stay with us at Hill Country Premier Lodging in one of our cabin rentals in Texas, a trip down to Bandera to experience a time of pistol slinging cowboys makes a fantastic day trip to explore in surrounding cities.

The Cowboys On Main

Cowboys have always been a staple of the American West and Bandera, Texas wants to bring them alive once more for all to experience. Every Saturday, you can watch the history of the Texas Hill Country come back to life as cowboys and cowgirls roam the streets once more. Watch as live performances of robberies, shootouts, and more take place on Main Street just as they would in the golden age of the wild west. There are also several special events throughout the year, such as Cowboy Christmas and Riverfest where the Cowboy Capital of the World hosts additional fun for cowboys and cowgirls of all ages.

A Bit Of History

cabin rentals in texasBandera was not dubbed the Cowboy Capital of the World for nothing. Dating all the way back into the 1800’s, Bandera has held a prominent place in the history of cattle companies from Texas to Wyoming. The Great Western Cattle Trail has been the route of cowboys throughout the years and has headed cattle to various significant railheads throughout areas up to Nebraska and Kansas from Texas and Oklahoma. Bandera was once the gathering place of more than 7 million longhorns from all over southern Texas where local cowboys and cowgirls then herded them to cattle companies across the United States. This history is one that is proudly held close by the Bandera Community and is why Cowboys on Main has become an important staple of the area.

Put On Your Hat n’ Spurs

If you are ready to take a step back in time and discover the rich history of the Texas Hill Country, make a day trip to Bandera, Texas. While you stay with us in one of our cabin rentals in Texas, you can discover all that places like Wimberley, Canyon Lake, Austin, and even more surrounding your Hill Country Premier Lodging rental for a closer adventure. However, if you enjoy the history of the American Old West and want a first-hand look, take a day to hop in the car and discover the Cowboy Capital of the World. So grab that hat and put on your spurs for an adventure you will never forget.