Texas Hill Country Swimming Holes

Summer is here and the temperatures are rising. Hill Country Swimming Holes are the perfect solution! According to Wide Open Country, half of the best Hill Country Swimming holes are within a short drive of a Hill Country Premier Lodging vacation cabin or home. When the Texas sun bears down on the Hill Country, rest assured that relief is just a cool dip away. More visitors to the area than ever have the opportunity to explore and enjoy some of the best kept secrets for centuries. But don’t take our word for it – come visit us!


The Hill Country Premier Lodging Blog offers several destination and activity ideas.

Hill Country Premier Blog

This karstic spring remains at 70 degrees all year. Visitors are welcome to jump into the water (at their own risk!).

Blue Hole Regional Park is located very close to Wimberley Square. This local swimming hole is fun for all ages.  The clear, slow moving water helps cool folks off during hot summer months. This property was protected by the Friends of Blue Hole from residential development back in early 2000 and has continued its mission of connecting folks with fun and nature.

Feeling more adventurous? Stop by Jacob’s Well! This karstic spring remains at 70 degrees all year. Visitors are welcome to jump into the water (at their own risk!) and have an amazing time. The well extends down more than 140 feet. If you want to go diving, you’ll want to check with the Parks’ department first for proper permitting.


A 50 foot waterfall carved a beautiful grotto style swimming hole from the Texas limestone.

Photo by Jaco Botha

Hamilton Pool Reserve is breathtaking and downright awesome. Hamilton Creek falls more than 50 feet into a gorgeous waterfall as it plunges into the head of a steep box canyon. The waterfall never completely dries up and the pool’s water level stays pretty constant, even during periods of drought. Be sure to make a reservation and confirm Hamilton Pool Reserve is open. The park only allows a particular number of guests in, depending on water conditions.

McKinney Falls State Park is an amazing spot to cool off and have some fun. Onion Creek flowing over the limestone falls makes any bad day seem better. In the park, you can hike, fish, swim and canoe. Even better – you don’t need a fishing license if you are fishing from the shoreline!

Falls cascade through limestone formations into peaceful pools in McKinney Falls State Park.

Spring Branch

The Guadalupe River State Park provides exceptional family time opportunities in the Texas Hill Country. Boating, fishing, canoeing, tubing, camping, and relaxation go hand-in-hand in this beautiful park. The Guadalupe River wanders through the Hill Country and varies in speed, temperature and scenery. A little planning and you will have a wonderful day on the river!

New Braunfels

Landa Park at Comal Springs delivers a casual and relaxing alternative to many other water themed parks in the area. An underground spring feeds the Comal River, so the water stays around seventy degrees and provides a calm, shorter trip than the Guadalupe river float. Schlitterbahn is considered the best water park in America by USA Today, but the charm and quiet of Landa Park and Comal Springs will transport you to another time. Your entire family will have a wonderful day on the water!An excursion on a paddle boat is one of the best ways to see the Comal Springs and Landa Lake.


The Blanco River forms the perfect backdrop to cool off.Blanco (Blank-O) State Park offers another great spot to cool off and enjoy the Texas Hill Country. The Blanco River flows into pools and waterfalls just minutes from Blanco town center. You’re entire family will have an unforgettable time!

Teeming with bass, rainbow trout, catfish and perch, the Blanco River provides anglers with hours of fishing. Guests can obtain all the fishing equipment needed at the Blanco State Park for free as part of the park ranger’s Learn-To-Fish program- no fishing license required!