Welcome the New Year

Welcome the New Year with friends and fireworks

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Different Ways to Welcome The New Year

Welcome the New Year by discovering the many cultural influences in the Texas Hill Country! As a result, you can often find new experiences and sample different cultures at the same time in the Texas Hill Country. When you visit, you’ll find German, Dutch, Spanish and other influences. For example, German’s often refer to New Year’s eve as ‘Silvester’ and pass little gifts to each other as good luck charms. You will also find Dutch cultural hints in foods like oliebollen (Dutch donuts) and appelflappen (apple beignets). Spanish culture invites you to share some sparkling wine and eat 12 grapes in 12 seconds with friends and family.

One thing is sure, you welcome the new year in the Texas Hill Country with style! With just a little bit of planning, you can find the perfect vacation rental spot as a ‘home base’. From there, you can explore and enjoy different cultures, food and drinks and traditions you may never have heard of.

Swing In The New Year

Charley Crockett Playing Live at Gruene Hall in New Braunfels to Welcome the New YearA fantastic way to welcome the New Year is to head over to New Braunfels. When you get there, venture over to the oldest dance hall in Texas, Gruene Hall. Built in 1878, you will find history in every corner. You will definitely want to explore the building. You will find countless pictures of former artists and guests.

Vincent Neil EmersonAdditionally, Vincent Neil Emerson will open for a special concert with Charley Crockett! Why not venture out with your special someone for a memorable evening of blues, swing and R&B. In addition to the concert, your ticket also includes tamales and popcorn. Champagne and other drinks are also available, but with a New Braunfels law prohibiting alcohol consumption after midnight, festivities will begin around 11pm instead.

Family Events to Welcome the New Year

Fredericksburg Welcomes the New Year with family-friendly eventsEach year, the city of Fredericksburg has a memorable way to welcome the new year. This year, your whole family can enjoy New Year’s Eve. The evening starts with the Marktplaz Park in the town center with the Kids Ball Drop party from 4pm to 6pm. This event will have fun things to do for everyone. You’ll find arts and crafts, face painting, food and drinks, music, a dance performance, and the first round of the ball drop.

The Marktplaz (Market Place) will then have plenty of time to wander around and check out all the local cultures and food. You definitely will want to try some of the ‘Bowle‘ or punch. Depending on which one you try, the drink will often be fruity, sweet and have an extra ‘kick’ for the adults! Another fun activity is to ‘sweep for money’. This fun kids tradition originally came from Spain and Mexico where folks would ‘sweep’ coins into their home for prosperity for the new year. You can also try some local sweets and snacks as the evening progresses. You will want to bring some chairs and a blanket or two to settle in for the festivities!

Groove Knight - wedding and event band

Later in the evening, starting around 9pm and running past midnight, you can enjoy a 1940’s, USO-Style Hangar Dance! Groove Knight will keep the festivities swinging all the way through the ball drop at midnight. This party will let you relax and have a great time at the Hangar Hotel.

Here, you will find displays with model planes, airplane keepsakes, and information related to the 1940s and United Service Organizations (USO) history. Be sure to stop by the Pacific Showroom’s Tiki Bar for some refreshments!